The Colour

The Colour

Permanent Cream Hair Colour

The colour is a low ammonia, permanent cream hair colour that can be used as a permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair colour.

The colour is grouped by colour series and tonal bases. Within the tonal bases there are a full spectrum of intermixable colours, intermixable highlift colours and intermixable ultra toners.

Developed with a beeswax base and other natural conditioners, Paul Mitchell the colour provides long lasting, natural looking hair colour, with outstanding shine and condition.

Key Benefits


    • Low ammonia beeswax provides a healthy, conditioned natural looking end result
    • Brown bases provide unsurpassed gray coverage and natural colours that fade on tone
    • Scalp to ends application provides quick and predictable results

Shade Selection

    • Colours are grouped by colour series and tonal bases for ease of use
    • Within the tonal bases, there is full spectrum of intermixable colours, intermixable highlift colours and intermixable ultra toners

Low Ammonia

    • Imparts less structural damage to the hair providing a smoother, healthier, long-lasting result

Beswax Base

    • Delivers healthy, conditioned hair with outstanding shine and manageability

Superior Grey Coverage

    • Brown base provide optimum grey coverage with a natural-looking result

Natural eucalyptus fragrance

    • Offers clients an invigorating hair colouring experience

Inventory options

    • Salons have the convenience of going straight to the desired even or odd level
    • Salons can keep inventory low by mixing even levels to create odd levels

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Please Note: Our pricing structure reflects the educational level of our hairdressers which is determined by extensive training, testing and practical experience. All colour work includes dry off only, a blowave is additional. All colour services come with a colour porous equalizer prior to colour service to even out colour balance



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