Tape - Hair Extensions


NOW AVAILABLE at Angela's mane attraction

FROM 16" INCH - 24" INCH


while the double sided tape is thin, so it is well hidden under natural hair
We are happy to mix 'n' match colours -
We can add a foiled or highlighted look to any base colour by mixing tapes or strands.
This system simply involves applying 2, 8cm wide strips 3.2grams of hair extension for 16" and 4grams for 20"
to your own hair, with the sandwich method (your hair is sandwiched between two strips of hair extensions).
We include a basic trim of the hair extensions once installed!

Removal of All Strands/Tapes: from $50
At 6-8 weeks, we remove your hair extensions, as you must thoroughly wash your natural hair before we apply hair extensions.
Natural hair must be dry and clean on the day of any hair extension service.
You must book separate appointments or have a wash/dry extra from $30.

Please enquire for a Free Consultation where you and our hair extension trained and certified operator will thoroughly go through a care guide with you in order to identify what you are trying to achieve and how to go about catering to your needs.



 Ombre Extensions are also available P.O.A

prices may also vary lower or higher

NEW HAIR Tapes to be.... attached

Full Head 1.5 - 2 hours  
3/4 Head 1 - 1.5 hours  
½ Head 30 - 1 hours 

¼ Head 20mins -45min  - 1hr


Tapes to be..... Re-attached

Full Head 1.5 -2 hours  
3/4 Head 1 - 1.5 hours  
½ Head 30 -1 hours  
¼ Head 20mins-45min-1hr  

50% deposit is required on day of consultation. Re-appointment  3 -5days after consultation.

Cost: We Do Not Quote over phone, it's to difficult as everyone needs different amounts of hair (sold per gram) for different thickness of hair,style,and length, please make an appointment for a FREE 20min consultation.
FROM 16inch - 24inch FROM $300 plus

tape hair extensions kew, melbourne

We ensure that you are 100% happy
before you leave angela'a mane attraction salon.


We do not use any chemicals that could cause irritation to your scalp or hair.

If you experience any difficulties, or have any questions within the first week after application,
please contact angela's mane attraction on 03 9853 1005 immediately, so that we can rectify the situation.
Angela's Mane Attraction cannot offer any refunds on hair extension . Thank you for understanding.



196 High Street Kew,
Victoria, Australia 3101
Ph: 03 9853 1005