kew strategy



Route 48 and 24: North Balwyn – New Quay Docklands/City

Both of these trams travel along High Street and through Kew Junction.


Route 42 and 109: Box Hill – Victoria Harbour/Port Melbourne

Both of these trams travel along High St South and Cotham Road.


Route 16: Melbourne University – Kew via St Kilda Beach


This tram route terminates at the corner of Glenferrie and Cotham Roads. From there, either walk west along Cotham Road for 7-8 minutes, or catch Tram 42/109.


There are many bus routes that run through Kew Junction, including:

  • Route 200: City – Bulleen
  • Route 201: City – Doncaster Shoppingtown
  • Route 205: Melbourne University – Doncaster Shoppingtown
  • Route 207: City – Donvale
  • Route 609: Hawthorn – Fairfield

Check out PTV website for more public transport information,

including timetables, fares, route information and the Journey Planner.



Kew Junction is one of the main activity centres in Boroondara and has an excellent

walking network linking shops, restaurants, schools and offices in the area.



  • An on-road bike lane runs along part of High Street and along Wellington Road and Glenferrie Road.
  • Many informal cycling routes lead into Kew Junction.
  • Nearby are several popular bike routes like Yarra Boulevard, Main Yarra Trail and Capital City Trail
  • You will find secure bike parking hoops along High Street and Cotham Road.