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1st 2nd or 3rd year Apprentice Hairdresser is wanted

We are a small salon ready to grow the business, located in the heart of kew you will benefit from one on one training and personalised education. We specialises in weddings & special occasion hair and make up, men's & womens children & teenagers hair cutting, hair extensions and all types of colours & funky colouring, perms, setting,blowaves If you are bubbly, well presented, punctual and ready to learn this is the right salon for you.

To fit the position you must have

  • Passion and commitment for the hairdressing Industry and career oriented is a a MUST!
  • Confident
  • Reliable & Honest
  • Well groomed and fashionably dressed
  • Great team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Willing to learn and to take direction
  • Strong work ethic

Please Email or post your CV & include a photo of your self::

Email to: amastudio@iprimus.com.au
or post to amastudio 196 high street kew melbourne victoria 3101

Do not call us it will all be done through Email or Postal

Question that need to be answered also write a description of

1.Why you want to work for our company?

2.What can we offer for you? & What can you offer for us?

3.Describe your sales skills, in retail and up selling in services & retail?

4.Do you have a client base and will they come across?

5.Tell us how much, you think your are worth per hour $$?

6.Tell us why, you are worth that?

7.How many weeks or days do you want to work {for work experience}?

8.How many days or hours, do you want to work {for permanent job}?

Only answer if worked in salon before

9.What is your average takings per week from your other job {services & retail} separate them?

10.What is your average ticket price per client in retail & services?

11.What is your average ticket price per client in retail ?

12.What is your average ticket price per client in services?

13.Any question's you would like to ask us?

14.Is there anything we could do better?

15.Describe yourself, your personality,your hobbies,how you spend your free time when not working or at school,?

16 describe your work ethics?

17.Can you work in a team & How well do you work in a team?

18.Describe a team effect?{can be anything eg. sports or work or home friends, ect...} give me a brief description what it means to you?

please Email your resume to
Email: resumeinfo@iprimus.com.au


Postal address send to:

ATTENTION: Angelina Biviano
Angela's Mane Attraction
196 high street kew,
Victoria, Melbourne,
Australia 3101