Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays & extended hours  

DECEMBER Christmas Hours
Open Between XMAS & New Years

New Years Week

Outside Normal Business Hours Are By Appointment Only



Christmas Day- 25th December

Boxing Day - 26th December


New Years Day -   1st January


Salon Holidays

2nd January 2019

Salon Will Re-Open

monday 14th January 2019

Extended hours

november &  december 2018


  • Thursday10th  nov                 8.00am - 10pm
  • Friday 11th nov                       8.00am - 9.00pm
  • Saturday 12th nov                  6.00am - 6.00pm

  • Thursday 17h nov                 8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Friday 18th nov                      8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Saturday 19thnov                  5.00am - 7.00pm


  • Thursday 24th  nov                 8.00am - 10pm
  • Friday 25th nov                       8.00am - 9.00pm
  • Saturday 26th nov                  6.00am - 6.00pm




  • Thursday 1st dec                 8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Friday 2nd dec                     8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Saturday 3rd dec                 5.00am - 7.00pm

  • Thursday 8th  nov                 8.00am - 10pm
  • Friday 9th nov                       8.00am - 9.00pm
  • Saturday 10th nov               6.00am - 6.00pm
  • mon 12th dec                       8.00am-8pm
  • tues 13th dec                       8.00am -8.00pm
  • wed 14th dec                       8.00am -9.00pm
  • Thurs 15h dec                     8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Frid  16th dec                      8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Sat  17th dec                       5.00am - 7.00pm

  • mon 19th dec                         6.00am-9.00pm
  • tues 20th dec                         6.00am -9.00pm
  • wed 21st dec                         6.00am -10.00pm
  • Thurs 22nd dec                     6.00am - 10.00pm
  • Frid  23rd dec                        5.00am - 10.00pm
  • Sat  24th dec                         5.00am - 5.00pm



  • wed 28th dec                         8.00am -10.00pm
  • Thurs 29th dec                     8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Frid  30thdec                        7.00am - 10.00pm

yes we are "OPEN"


mon  31st dec 
5.00am - 5.00pm

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a Safe & Happy New Year.
Thank you for your support looking forward to a new and exciting year.

Thank you for looking at our website. We hope you find it informative and helpful. We are here at our Melbourne salon to answer any questions about your hair styling, hair extensions, beauty needs, tanning ect... Phone us today.


Your artist director & hair extension specialist,

Angelina Biviano & the staff at Angela's Mane Attraction