TouchBack BrowMarker is New Technology for Eyebrows

  • Easier, more precise application
  • Long-lasting coverage for brows
  • Blends stray grays
  • Shades coordinate with TouchBack colors for the hair
  • Patented formula

How it Works

Apply to clean, unmoisturized brows. Use short, quick upward strokes to fill in sparseness in the direction hair grows. Use the marker to blend away grays, ensuring uniform color.

TouchBack BrowMarker delivers the perfect amount of long-lasting color in four shades that coordinate with TouchBack colors for the hair:

  • Dark Brown (for black/dark brown brows)
  • Medium Brown (for light/medium brown brows)
  • Blonde (for very thin or no brows)
  • Auburn (for light/dark auburn brows)


Real Hair Color… Bonds To The Hair

TouchBack actually bonds to the hair, blending seamlessly with permanent hair color for a totally natural look. (Unlike hair mascaras, crayons, gels and powders, which dull the hair and flake off.)

TouchBack's patented formula uses certified hair colors, but without harsh chemicals — no ammonia or peroxide — so, it's gentle on your hair.

The Easiest Touch-Up… Ever!

TouchBack's marker delivers the perfect amount of color... continuously. The Fiber Flow™ applicator applies real temporary hair color to gray roots… precisely.

TouchBack is the fastest touch-up for gray roots. Dries in a minute. Won't flake or rub off — even after brushing