N·Gravity is a new generation of services for your salon. Nature, technology and innovation come together to create a new generation of treatments for hair, applied using a natural mist.

Thanks to the advanced technology, the N·Gravity system is capable of penetrating the internal structure of the hair, rebuilding and restoring both the internal and external hair fibres. Compared to conventional systems or treatments, N·Gravity provides faster and more superior reconstructing and cosmetic properties to hair than has ever been possible before.

N·Gravity A relaxing and enjoyable treatment, Nanomax is brushed into the hair which is then sealed with a low temperature iron. For the best results three Nanomax hair treatment sessions (which include a wash & styling) will give you reconditioned soft and silky hair that lasts for months.

Nanomax.Gravity also works to rehydrated curly or firzzy hair, giving it a silky conditioned feel. Nanomax is brushed in, ironed to seal then rinsed to restyle. Elimate the frizz and keep the bounce in your hair with Nanomax..

Nanomax.Gravity will rehydrate all types of hair and restore a lustre and shine to your hair.

Try Nanomaxhair treatment and you will be hooked.

Nanomax.Gravity new technology for beautiful, healthy hair.