Does Eyesential Work

How do I achieve best results with Eyesential?
Follow the instructions very carefully, being sure to cover the entire under-eye area with a thin layer of the Eyesential lotion, using the middle finger. Experiment with the product to achieve maximum results.

How does Eyesential work?
Eyesential forms an ‘invisible’ film under the eye - viewed through a microscope the lotion looks like a ‘spiders web’ which acts as a camouflage, hiding fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

How long does a bottle of Eyesential last for?
Eyesential comes in a 20ml bottle which provides approximately 200 applications. Used everyday it should last over 3 months but most people say if they only use it a few times a week and on special occasions it lasts all year.

How should Eyesential be stored?
There is no limit on the time Eyesential can be stored as there are no active ingredients. Excesses of temperature may have an adverse effect on the lotion, so it is best to store Eyesential at room temperature.

How should I remove Eyesential?
Eyesential should only be removed with plain water, soak a cotton pad in water and very gently wipe off.

Is Eyesential harmful?
Eyesential is perfectly safe to use - it is classified as a non-colour cosmetic, alongside other cosmetics that do contain colour, such as mascara, lipstick, etc.

What are the long-term effects of Eyesential?
Eyesential is not a ‘treatment’. It does not penetrate the skin, nor does it have a stretching or pulling effect. It simply lies on the surface of the skin, and the magnesium contained in the lotion ensures it does not penetrate the dermis or epidermis.

Why can’t I use eye gel or moisturiser with Eyesential?
The lotion contains magnesium, a vital ingredient in ensuring nothing is absorbed into the skin. However, magnesium does not mix well with ‘oil-based’ products such as moisturising creams and gels. Some men find that because they naturally produce more sebum than women, the product can turn white and powdery. Non-oil based make-up or powder is the most effective over Eyesential.

Why does Eyesential turn to powder sometimes?
There are three reasons why a powdery white substance will appear:
1) The bottle has not been shaken properly (this will be noticeable with ‘gritty’ particles appearing prior to application).

2) Too much lotion has been used (only a very thin layer of Eyesential should be applied).

3) There is a oil-based product underneath (cleanse thoroughly, ensuring any traces of cream have been removed with water).
Will Eyesential have a long-term beneficial effect?
Eyesential is not a ‘treatment’ for lines and wrinkles, but users have reported improvements in the undereye area after continual use.