2hr Man Makeover at a huge discount...


Why Jocks

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‘n Socks

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Just Won’t Cut It This Year…

Instead…what about our 2 Hour Man Makover Valued at $340.00 forJust $199.00!

Hi there, and now that I have got your attention,

It’s Angela here from Angela's Mane Attraction, NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.......

So, here’s 8 great things that’ll make him feel like Sean Connery (only not as old!) in 2 hours…and delight you for weeks!

Complete Facial Skin

  • Overhaul (yes, the one Brad Pitt has!) 1 hour- $150
  • PLUS, completely free…
  • *Men's Designer Stlye cut normally $50.00 FREE
  • *10min Scalp Massage normally $15.00 FREE
  • *Tingling treatment normally $45.00 FREE
  • *skin consultation normally $55.00 FREE
  • *Sexy Eyebrow Tidy normally $25.00 FREE
  • *Glass of wine FREE

$340.00 worth of Man Makeover for Just $199.00!

There’s a Catch – this is ONLY available for the first 17 bookings

Here’s What to Do NOW


To get your 2 Hour Man Makeover simply call me Angela on the number below.

03 9853 1005

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